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Work Together For Sustainable Future 

by contributing to the Green Building & Eco-City Research, Consultancy, Knowledge transfer and Public services

Established in 2014, G.B.L.D has become a UK-based international scientific research and engineering consultancy platform which radiates Europe, the US, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Africa. The Center aims at promoting design, construction and management for green buildings and eco-cities in key countries and regions, and boosting industrial upgrading for regional low-carbon industries through engineering consultancy technology transfer.

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Green Technology Consultation and Feasibility Study  

Green Building Design Consultation and Certification

Wind Turbines

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Our Advantages and Capacity

As the core member of WSSET (World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies) and CBEEs (China-UK Built Environment Experts), GBLD has become a world-class research, engineering and promotion platform for green buildings and low-carbon sustainable development. The abundant technological reserve and leading experts and talents bring significant advantages in developing, implement and localizing the green energy technologies, green building designs and large-scale low-carbon developments. 


Thanks to the comprehensive knowledge of different technologies and energy processes. We are capable to provide a quality service aimed at maximizing energy efficiency and the introduction of renewable energy in build area, while always striving for technical and economic optimization.

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