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We sell cutting-edge building service equipment and renewable energy products for green and high energy efficient buildings. Our  products are self-manufactured or  imported from our carefully selected partners who are world class manufactures in these fields. Our products are sold as standard or customised subject to your project need.

Solar Thermal Panels and PV/Ts 

We offer a wide range of Solar Thermal Panels, PV/T Panels and accessories  which we manufacture or import, each with different heat outputs and specifically designed for different buildings.






Module type

  • TM-1200-1L, with the peak power of 1200W

  • TM-1500-2L, with the peak power of 1500W

  • OM-1100-1L, with the peak power of 1100W

  • OM-1300-2L, with the peak power of 1300W


This new product line with mini-channel solar panel technology is highly recommend for all building applications.  Compared to the traditional solar thermal panel, this novel mini-channel solar thermal panel has higher solar thermal efficiency. The highest solar thermal efficiency can reach to 80%. According to the reliable operation, simplified structure and qualified quality, the novel mini-channel solar thermal panel is ideal for large-scale handling and installation. Furthermore, the flexibility of the panel makes it have a wide-range usage, such as supplying domestic hot water and space heating.




1930 mm / 930 mm / 80 mm

Module Type

  • FLAT01-20a, with peak power (heat) of 2110 W

  • FLAT01-20b, with peak power (heat) of 2050 W

  • FLAT01-18a, with peak power (heat) of 1880 W

  • FLAT01-18b, with peak power (heat) of 1850 W


This high performance flat plate collectors are among the most powerful collectors that currently exist on the market. This type is characterized by the refined design and strong performance. 

The "New" and special this collector is a "fully ALU-ALU-absorber", a highly selective coated aluminium absorber plate, which is connected by means of specially developed welding technology with a thick-walled aluminum tube. As a result, This flat panel has a 5% higher efficiency than the normal panel and virtually no change is required for the installer when mounting. 




1390mm (variable) / 1150mm x 10 mm

Module Type

  • TUBE01-12, with 12 vacuum tubes 

  • TUBE01-15, with 15 vacuum tubes 

  • TUBE01-18, with 18 vacuum tubes 

  • TUBE01-20, with 20 vacuum tubes 

  • TUBE01-25, with 25 vacuum tubes 

  • TUBE01-30, with 30 vacuum tubes 

This product line is prefect for domestic water heating and space heating support. Heat Pipe technology, excellent insulation performance of vacuum and maximum capture of solar radiation makes evacuated tube collectors a cost-effective solution for any solar installation.

These evacuated tube solar collectors are characterised by their high efficiency: improved heat absorbing capacity of the collector, low heat losses and stable performance in harsh climate conditions. Temperature sensor can be mounted on the left or righthand side, depending on the position of the heat carrier outlet. The Heat Pipe itself is a compound of two concentric glass tubes with evacuated space between them. The inner tube surface is covered with selective coating allowing for maximum absorption of sunlight and high performance efficiency. Through the center of the heat pipe runs a hollow copper tube, inside which begins the process of evaporation of non-toxic fluid that transfers the heat to the tube top and then releases it to the collector pipe to heat up the heat carrier inside.




Only typical products are listed in this page, please feel free to contact us to find out our detailed about our services/products and how we can support you through consultation services and professional products.

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