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We sell cutting-edge building service equipment and renewable energy products for green and high energy efficient buildings. Our  products are self-manufactured or  imported from our carefully selected partners who are world class manufactures in these fields. Our products are sold as standard or customised subject to your project need.


Heat Pumps

We offer a wide range of Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Water Source Heat Pumps and accessories which we manufacture or import, each with different capacity and specifically designed for different building types. 

Module Type

  • HP-AIR-04, with cooling capacity of 5 HP (single phase)

  • HP-AIR-06, with cooling capacity  of 6HP (single and three phase)

  • HP-AIR-12, with cooling capacity  of 12 HP (three phase)


Air source heat pumps in this product line are the ideal solution when outdoor space is restricted because they are easy to hide, thus minimising both visual and sound impact. Their design overcomes the challenges that aesthetics and regulations can impose.

The ideal choice for a balcony installation because the units are front blow units. The air is blown away from the balcony, minimising any turbulence or obviating the need for ducts and ensuring optimum operation. On top of that the small footprint makes it the natural choice for the typically limited space available on balconies.



Module Type

  • HP-AIR-COMM1, with heat recovery unit (three phase)

  • HP-AIR-COMM2, without heat recovery unit (three phase)


This unit is a fully integrated solution with heat recovery for maximum efficiency with COPs of up to 8. It is ideally used for commercial buildings e.g. office buildings and shopping malls. 


It covers all thermal needs of a building via single point of contact with accurate temperature control, ventilation, hot water, air handling units and Biddle air curtains. It also provides perfect personal comfort for users via simultaneous cooling and heating and ‘Free’ heating and hot water through heat recovery. 





Only typical products are listed in this page, please feel free to contact us to find out our detailed about our services/products and how we can support you through consultation services and professional products.

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